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Now here's an interesting question, the answer to which will no don't carry from person to person: given a level of pain that is not great in any single days instance, but is constant from day to day, at what point do you decide that it is to much?
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Alerted Carbon

Story. Ok. Mostly formulaic.

Scripting. If it was British, ok to good with some awkward pretentions running throughout. For American, very good to excellent.

Acting. Again, if British it is solid overall with not too much overacting. For American it is excellent. No one is bad really. Quite a few people are genuinely great, especially some of the supporting cast.

Production values. Gorgeous. Just all around excellent.
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High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Auto immune disease (non specific)

At least there's nothing serious like collapsed arches or bunions or the like.
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There will be an eclipse. According to what I can only assume is reliable media sources, it will reveal the lizard people living among us. Sensationalist media is saying that they will be driven mad with blood lust for human flesh, but that just seems silly to me.

Good thing the eclipse is less than 2 minutes long.
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Justice! Justice at last!

Ah, America - land of freedom and justice. Where faceless monolithic corporations can be held to account by the little guy when they're caught doing wrong.

For example, let's say Bank of America (motto: Give us your money and fvck off, prole) was managing your house mortgage. You send in your monthly payment. You send in a little extra and it's applied to the principal straight away, recasting the loan balance and interest. Yay, getting ahead! Saving interest costs!

Only BoA wasn't doing that. They were keeping the extra payment money and applying it at the end of the month. They get extra money (& interest on it) for 1-30 days, and you pay 1-30 days more interest each month.

But someone noticed and sued them in a class action suit. I, along with thousands of other people around the world who were cheated by BoA, was part of the class action. The suit was settled for $65 million. After lawyers expenses and fees and class administrators fees (more lawyers) of $48 million, I got my check today.

I shall bank my $0.91 cheque of justice just soon as I can.

Oh, the amount BoA made from the fraud? Conservative calculations put it at $106 million. :-/