smallmercies (smallmercies) wrote,

Someone asked last week what Missouri is like.   I think this pretty much sums it up outside the major cities - the Ozarks being an area in the southern part of Missouri.  And before you think I'm joking, while the age of marriage is nominally 18 remember that ~27 states in the US have no lower age limit on marriage where the parents/guardians or a court agree to it. This is a train-wreck-fascinating look at it with some numbers that might surprise you.

Basically, outside the major cities, the entire country really is pretty much living in the Dark Ages socially.

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    This is just weird And when the hell did everything get soooooooo frickin expensive?! How does anyone afford to live here?!

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    Anyone looking for a flatmate in CHCH or Welly?

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    Now here's an interesting question, the answer to which will no don't carry from person to person: given a level of pain that is not great in any…

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