smallmercies (smallmercies) wrote,

Alerted Carbon

Story. Ok. Mostly formulaic.

Scripting. If it was British, ok to good with some awkward pretentions running throughout. For American, very good to excellent.

Acting. Again, if British it is solid overall with not too much overacting. For American it is excellent. No one is bad really. Quite a few people are genuinely great, especially some of the supporting cast.

Production values. Gorgeous. Just all around excellent.

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    This is just weird And when the hell did everything get soooooooo frickin expensive?! How does anyone afford to live here?!

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    Anyone looking for a flatmate in CHCH or Welly?

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    Now here's an interesting question, the answer to which will no don't carry from person to person: given a level of pain that is not great in any…

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