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What I Did On My Evenings Off

So, because I love jsr so much and know he will care, I thought I would post about how awesomely awesome Alice Cooper was last week at the Pageant in St. Louis. He was awesome. And loud. He also appeared to be playing from the Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits album, which just contributed to the awesomeness of the evening. I highly recommend viewing Mr Cooper in concert. Especially at the Pageant. It's pretty much a barn, but it's a barn with interestingness going on and decent enough acoustics, and a bar.

And now for something nagative, just to keep those of you that can only accept me in one form happy:

The warm up band for Mr Cooper was a UK three piece called 'TAT'. They were "interesting". They would very happily fit into the Canterbury Orienttation tradition of Competent, But Uncreative. Clearly they knew how to play. They played all three intros they knew and all one chorus for thirty minutes, claiming they were actually five or six different songs. It was sort of like listening to John Williams and wondering how he gets away with it. TAT, however, tried to hide their lack of song writing ability by the age old method of More Volume. All in all, however, they sucked. The audience, I'm gald to say, felt inclined to inform the band of this fact during the all-to-brief interludes. Various anatomically improbable suggestions were also made about what the band might do to improve their performance.

Back to Mr Cooper. I wasn't quite sure what to expect at the concert in terms of audience. It was certainly also something that added to the evening. I think it is safe to say that, in St Louis at least, Alice is very much an All Ages musician these days. I was sort of expecting to be in the middle or at the higher end of the crowd. And I was sort of in the middle of the age bands. The thing that suprised me (quite a lot once I was inside) was that I was at the very bottom of the age bands. The average age in there must have been 45-50 for the bulk of the audience. The mosh pit did not. Mosh, that is. Which is good, because if they had they would have run the risk of breaking a hip or something. Good thing St. Louis has such good hospitals. But yes, overall, the age thing stood out. And. It. Just. Felt. Weird.

Which leads me to...

Being deaf, on Friday I subjected my ears to yet more abuse (ewww?) by going to a Weird Al Yankovic concert, this time at The Family Arena over in St Charles. I'm not a huge Weird Al fan (unlike Erin) - I like lot of his songs, but I'm not about to buy anything of his. The Family Arena is a giant concrete room. As such, the acoustics are similar to trying to listen to something while you have custard filled socks in both ears. Mr Weird does put on a an entertaining concert too, thankfully at a lower volume. (Or possibly at the same volume and I simply couldn't hear it anymore). Mr Weird also played many of his most well known songs, complete with (what I am told are) his usual costume and staging changes. It was also most fun, and the adults and five year olds were dancing in the aisles by the end. He did perform "Albuquerque" as part of the encore. I also highly recommend Mr Weird as worth attending live, although not at the Family Arena.

And on Saturday I flew out to Nebraska. So I could drive over into Iowa. I'm not sure it made much sense even then, but it was a way to fill in the weekend. Just as an FYI, if you ever have a strange urge to visit Sioux City, Iowa, I advise you to beat yourself to death first. It will make the city less painful and add to your enjoyment of the state.